Home lighting

Those who pre­fer to live in a pri­vate house away from the bus­tle of the city know first­hand how impor­tant the orga­ni­za­tion of indoor and out­door light­ing is in home improve­ment. Indeed, in the dark, our safe­ty and com­fort depend on it.

Today, for mod­ern dec­o­ra­tive light­ing at home, a lot of var­i­ous types of lanterns and lamps are offered that can cre­ate a cozy atmos­phere inside the house, or suc­cess­ful­ly fit the build­ing into the sur­round­ing land­scape. In our arti­cle we will talk about them in more detail.

Options for lighting the facade of the house

As you know, light­ing design plays a very impor­tant role in inte­ri­or and exte­ri­or design. There­fore, first of all, to cre­ate a pre­sentable appear­ance of your home, you should take care of decent light­ing of the facade of the house.

One of the most well-known options is flood light­ing. Installed at the foot of the build­ing, LED lumi­naires illu­mi­nate the house from an angle and draw atten­tion to the design of the façade, empha­siz­ing all the advan­tages of its archi­tec­ture.

A very good solu­tion would be accent dec­o­ra­tive light­ing on the facade of the house. In this case, built-in lights stop our eyes on dec­o­ra­tive wall frag­ments: mold­ings, stat­ues, columns, etc.

With the help of con­tour light­ing, design­ers man­age to high­light the beau­ty and unique­ness of the geom­e­try of the build­ing lay­out. Under the “sight” are door, win­dow open­ings and out­er cor­ners.

Interior lighting design in the house

Thanks to the widest selec­tion of mod­els of indoor light­ing fix­tures, we have more oppor­tu­ni­ties to imple­ment the most extra­or­di­nary ideas in the inte­ri­or.

To illu­mi­nate the rooms in the house, it is tra­di­tion­al­ly cus­tom­ary to use chan­de­liers, sconces, spot halo­gen, diode and neon lamps. To illu­mi­nate sus­pend­ed ceil­ings and oth­er dec­o­ra­tive struc­tures, LED strips and spot­lights sim­ply have no equal.

They are also active­ly used to illu­mi­nate the stairs in the house. In this case, the back­light­ing with an LED strip fixed on the steps, or with spot­lights built into the thick­ness of the wall looks very attrac­tive.