roller shutters

Rolling doors are installed when they want to save usable space before enter­ing the garage or yard. Or when this place sim­ply does not exist. The roller shut­ter leaf con­sists of indi­vid­ual slats that are rolled around the shaft into a com­plete­ly com­pact roll, there­by free­ing the open­ing.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling shutters

As it has already become clear, the main advan­tage of such gates is their com­pact­ness. They become the ide­al solu­tion when there is a prob­lem of a small area of ​​​​the ter­ri­to­ry of a coun­try house. When there is a need to use a min­i­mum area, and the instal­la­tion of oth­er types of doors is not pos­si­ble, roller shut­ters are sim­ply indis­pens­able.

The roll is eas­i­ly locat­ed above the open­ing of the garage or the entrance to the yard. Roll-up or rolling gates do a good job with their main task — pro­tec­tion from pen­e­tra­tion and from pry­ing eyes, as well as from unpleas­ant weath­er con­di­tions — rain, snow, wind and dam­age.

Anoth­er indis­putable plus of rolling garage doors is their low cost. The dura­bil­i­ty of the design makes them a very cost-effec­tive pur­chase. In addi­tion, the use of such gates is very com­fort­able, and their instal­la­tion is not com­pli­cat­ed.

Auto­mat­ic rolling shut­ters, equipped with a dri­ve and an auto­mat­ic remote con­trol, make it pos­si­ble to con­trol them direct­ly from the car, which is very con­ve­nient.

But rolling shut­ters also have dis­ad­van­tages. First, you should not install them if there is a seri­ous threat of hack­ing. The rather light gate design and insuf­fi­cient bur­glary resis­tance are not able to with­stand the attacks of van­dals and rob­bers. How­ev­er, if the gates are installed on a garage inside a pro­tect­ed yard area and per­form a pure­ly pro­tec­tive func­tion from dust, sun and rain, then their use is jus­ti­fied.

Anoth­er draw­back is the impos­si­bil­i­ty of arrang­ing wick­ets in such gates, so you need an emer­gency entrance to the garage. More­over, it will be need­ed if the automa­tion fails.

Rolling doors are not suit­able when there is a need for a warm, heat­ed garage. There are a huge num­ber of gaps in the gate leaves, so you def­i­nite­ly can­not call them air­tight.

In win­ter, the doors may be sub­ject to some icing, which leads to incor­rect oper­a­tion of the entire mech­a­nism. Accord­ing­ly, such struc­tures are best installed inside warm rooms.

Rolling gates do not have a rich choice of design solu­tions, and they can­not boast of a spe­cial dec­o­ra­tion. You can choose the max­i­mum col­or you want, and all oth­er design delights will remain inac­ces­si­ble to you.

Hav­ing com­pared all the pros and cons of roller shut­ters, we can con­clude that their choice is appro­pri­ate if you plan to use them for domes­tic or indus­tri­al pur­pos­es in cas­es where sav­ing space and mon­ey is of para­mount impor­tance. Secu­ri­ty issues in this case should be dealt with by oth­er sys­tems, for exam­ple, video sur­veil­lance and alarm sys­tems.

Such gates are wide­ly used in cov­ered garage com­plex­es, where there is no need for ther­mal insu­la­tion, and the prob­lem of lim­it­ed space is acute. The afford­abil­i­ty of the gate makes them quite pop­u­lar.

Which is better — sectional or roller doors?

Unlike sec­tion­al doors, roller doors do not require rails and free space under the ceil­ing. They are much sim­pler in design, can be made for any open­ings. Sec­tion­al gates are new­er for us, not all open­ings are designed for their instal­la­tion and use.

Regard­ing reli­a­bil­i­ty, sec­tion­al doors are more resis­tant to bur­glary. It is also pos­si­ble to install win­dows and view­ing slots in their sec­tions, which is not avail­able for rolling shut­ters.

The choice between these two types of gate depends on many fac­tors, as well as on the pref­er­ences of the own­er of the garage.