Windows for a country house -0

Are you build­ing a house out­side the city, or per­haps doing a major over­haul? Then you can’t do with­out new win­dows. When choos­ing win­dows for a coun­try house, remem­ber that they must have high ther­mal insu­la­tion per­for­mance. After all, you will have to heat a coun­try house, so you need to make every effort to reduce heat costs. In addi­tion, it is impor­tant that win­dow struc­tures have suf­fi­cient sound insu­la­tion. And, of course, the appear­ance of the win­dows should cor­re­spond to the over­all inte­ri­or design of the rooms in a coun­try house.

What windows to choose for a country house?

All win­dows dif­fer in sev­er­al ways. The main dif­fer­ence is in the pro­file sys­tem of their design.

  1. Plas­tic win­dows for a coun­try house are made from a mul­ti-cham­ber pro­file. For greater strength, win­dow struc­tures have steel rein­force­ment. And spe­cial plas­tic glaz­ing beads and insu­la­tion pro­vide suf­fi­cient tight­ness of the entire struc­ture. For a house out­side the city, you can choose a design with an ener­gy-effi­cient pack­age. With such win­dows it will be warm in win­ter and cool in sum­mer. In addi­tion, there are anti-van­dal and noise-insu­lat­ing dou­ble-glazed win­dows.
  2. If you want your win­dows to look bright and unusu­al, install plas­tic win­dows with stained-glass win­dows in your coun­try house.
  3. To make the home brighter, many own­ers decide to install high panoram­ic win­dows in a coun­try house. For this, the so-called frame­less glaz­ing can be used. There are no racks and lin­tels in such win­dows, the strength of the entire struc­ture is ensured by the use of spe­cial tem­pered glass. Panoram­ic glaz­ing on the veran­da or ter­race of a coun­try house looks very good, empha­siz­ing its close­ness to nature.
  4. Anoth­er option for mod­ern glaz­ing in a coun­try house is panoram­ic win­dows with a lay­out. They can become a styl­ish high­light in dec­o­rat­ing both the facade of the house and the inte­ri­or of its rooms. The lay­out in the win­dows can be Venet­ian, Vien­nese, con­sign­ment note, etc.
  5. Some own­ers choose win­dows made of oak, pine, larch for a coun­try house. They have excel­lent sound and heat insu­la­tion, and their excel­lent aes­thet­ic prop­er­ties will empha­size the high sta­tus of the own­ers of the house. How­ev­er, the price of such win­dows is much high­er than that of plas­tic struc­tures.