Choosing a 2DIN Car Radio Based on Android With Aliexpress: 10 Popular Models

Many car own­ers have thought about replac­ing their old head unit with a more mod­ern one based on Android. The main advan­tage of such a car radio is its ver­sa­til­i­ty, and by installing the nec­es­sary appli­ca­tions, you can eas­i­ly cus­tomize it for your­self. How­ev­er, the prices for these devices in local stores can sig­nif­i­cant­ly hit the bud­get. There­fore, in their search, many peo­ple come to the pop­u­lar Aliex­press site, where you can find a good option to replace the stan­dard car radio at a more afford­able price. This col­lec­tion con­tains 10 pop­u­lar 2DIN car radios for Android. All mod­els in the selec­tion have sim­i­lar char­ac­ter­is­tics, good qual­i­ty and free ship­ping. The choice is yours.


The list opens with an excel­lent car radio with high-qual­i­ty sound and a good set of mod­ern fea­tures. Works on the basis of Android 10. It has a large 7″ screen with excel­lent col­or repro­duc­tion. Depend­ing on the mod­i­fi­ca­tion, it is equipped with 1 or 8 GB of RAM, and the max­i­mum free mem­o­ry is 128 GB. The device pro­duces 45 watts for each of the 4 chan­nels, and if nec­es­sary, you can con­nect an ampli­fi­er for a sub­woofer. There is good nav­i­ga­tion, radio, Wi-Fi, 3G net­work sup­port and more. Works smart. When order­ing, you can add a rear view cam­era.

2. Doing

A uni­ver­sal car radio with a top-end audio ampli­fi­er and a well-recessed 7‑inch IPS screen. It runs on Android 10, so it can do almost every­thing that your mod­ern smart­phone is capa­ble of, and maybe even more. There are no ques­tions about the build qual­i­ty, the instal­la­tion is sim­ple. The inter­face is Russ­ian-lan­guage, sim­ple and intu­itive. The device pro­duces 50 watts per chan­nel, there are four in total. In addi­tion, this mod­el is quite decent, easy nav­i­ga­tion. Works fast, has excel­lent sig­nal recep­tion from satel­lites. An inter­est­ing option to buy, which cor­re­sponds to the qual­i­ty declared by the man­u­fac­tur­er.


2DIN car radio with a good pic­ture, a large set of pop­u­lar fea­tures and good sound. Equipped with a 7″ screen with high con­trast and anti-reflec­tive coat­ing. Pure Android on board. In fact, this is a full-fledged tablet that works with mod­ern pro­grams, plays audio and video in var­i­ous pop­u­lar for­mats, has Blue­tooth and Wi-fi for con­nect­ing exter­nal devices, good nav­i­ga­tion and much more. The radio is equipped with a slot for mem­o­ry cards, there is an AUX con­nec­tor and sev­er­al USB. There will be no prob­lems with instal­la­tion, since this mod­el has a short­ened body with an instal­la­tion depth of 95 mm. Suit­able for instal­la­tion in any car with an instal­la­tion size of 2DIN.


A good option for a 2DIN car radio with a 7″ screen, a good set of func­tions and addi­tion­al fea­tures, which will cre­ate a com­fort­able atmos­phere for lis­ten­ing to your favorite tracks, watch­ing videos, etc. The device pro­duces 50 watts per 4 chan­nels. Like pre­vi­ous mod­els, it works on Android. There is a radio tuner that will help you find your favorite radio wave, after which you can save your favorite radio sta­tions in the car radio’s mem­o­ry. In addi­tion, there is decent nav­i­ga­tion and smart­phone con­nec­tiv­i­ty. There are sev­er­al mod­els with dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions and mem­o­ry sizes, so every­one can choose the option that suits him. In gen­er­al, a great mod­el that is worth the mon­ey.


Uni­ver­sal 2DIN car radio with a large 7″ screen with high-qual­i­ty col­or repro­duc­tion. Infor­ma­tion on such a screen is well read at any time of the day. The device runs on Android 10, and has a lot of dif­fer­ent fea­tures that work at a decent lev­el. You can always install all the appli­ca­tions you are inter­est­ed in from the Play Mar­ket. The pow­er of the car radio is 4 × 45 watts. The device sup­ports almost all pop­u­lar play­back for­mats. The sound qual­i­ty is good, there are addi­tion­al set­tings. It is worth not­ing that the radio has sup­port for 3G net­works, Wi-Fi, GPS with a quick search for satel­lites and sup­port for cur­rent nav­i­ga­tion sys­tems, and much more. An inter­est­ing option, worth your atten­tion.


Mod­el with mount­ing size 2 DIN and max­i­mum pow­er 4×45 W. It boasts good build qual­i­ty and a large set of pop­u­lar fea­tures. A 7″ screen with wide view­ing angles and rich col­ors is respon­si­ble for image trans­mis­sion. There are sev­er­al mod­els with dif­fer­ent mem­o­ry sizes avail­able, the max­i­mum is 6 GB / 128 GB. Works on the lat­est ver­sion of Android. The device sup­ports the Hands Free func­tion, 4G net­works, there is a radio, a GPS mod­ule, the abil­i­ty to con­nect a rear view cam­era and much more. Works sta­bly, and has a decent sound qual­i­ty.

7. Eunavi

This mod­el received a styl­ish design, a 7″ IPS touch screen with high-qual­i­ty col­or repro­duc­tion and good con­trast. As expect­ed, it works on pure Android. Works sta­bly and does not freeze even under high loads. There is Wi-Fi, 4G, the abil­i­ty to wire­less­ly con­nect a smart­phone, good nav­i­ga­tion and more. The sound qual­i­ty is decent. Plays audio and video files of all pop­u­lar for­mats. As a bonus, there is a rear view cam­era.


A very wor­thy ver­sion of a car radio with an instal­la­tion size of 2DIN and a 7″ IPS screen. Man­age­ment is intu­itive­ly sim­ple. Works on Android, resem­bles a mod­ern tablet with all the nec­es­sary func­tions: Wi-Fi, blue­tooth, sup­port for 3G and 4G net­works, video and audio file play­back, GPS and more. In addi­tion, you can eas­i­ly install all the pro­grams you are inter­est­ed in from the Play Mar­ket and cus­tomize the device for your­self. The device boasts fast start­up and sta­ble oper­a­tion. A good bud­get car radio, which in its price cat­e­go­ry has prac­ti­cal­ly no strong com­peti­tors.

9. Dasaita

This mod­el is equipped with a large 9″ IPS screen with good view­ing angles. It stands out for its excel­lent sound, which sur­pass­es more famous brands. Build qual­i­ty is top notch. Instal­la­tion is sim­ple and does­n’t take long. Works on pure Android. The inter­face is Russ­ian-lan­guage, sim­ple and intu­itive. The device per­forms well as a nav­i­ga­tor, works sta­bly and quick­ly search­es for satel­lites. It is worth not­ing that this mod­el sup­ports the simul­ta­ne­ous oper­a­tion of sev­er­al pro­grams. There is an FM tuner, Hands Free sup­port and the abil­i­ty to con­nect cam­eras. In gen­er­al, a good 2DIN car radio that is worth your atten­tion.

10 Marubox

The list is com­plet­ed by a uni­ver­sal 2DIN car radio with a pow­er­ful proces­sor, excel­lent sound and excel­lent graph­ics. Equipped with a 7″ IPS screen that works great in any tem­per­a­ture. The col­ors are bright and sat­u­rat­ed. The screen is respon­sive and responds instant­ly to touch. On board pure Android, 8‑core proces­sor, 64 GB of free mem­o­ry to store var­i­ous files. Pure sur­round sound is pro­vid­ed by the TDA7851 audio ampli­fi­er in con­junc­tion with a DSP proces­sor. In addi­tion, the device per­fect­ly per­forms the func­tions of a nav­i­ga­tor, since it sup­ports not only GPS, but also Glonass. For con­ve­nient con­trol, all the nec­es­sary func­tions can be dis­played on the screen. The device starts up quick­ly, works smart­ly, has a high-qual­i­ty assem­bly, and is worth the mon­ey.

I hope the selec­tion was inter­est­ing and helped you choose the right car radio mod­el for your car. That’s all. All suc­cess­ful shop­ping.

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